Base computers at LNP JINR (May, 1997 )
The present computer centre and local area network of the Lab was built during last five years and was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory of computing techniques and automation (LCTA) of JINR in accordance to the common JINR conception of the development the computing and network infrasctucture of JINR. The computer centre itself consists now of two clusters. The first one is based on UNIX operating system and includes SUN stations and servers running under SUN OS and Solaris. Also two DEC Alpha Stations under Digital UNIX were included in the UNIX cluster last year. The second cluster consists of two DEC Alpha Stations and one micro-VAX at the phasotron building all working under DEC VMS OS.
The HP NetServer is used as PC workstations server running Novell Netware and used as main server for the PC software and as main computer for Novell computer room.
The selection of these types of computers was caused not only because of excellent technical performance but also by the profile of the Laboratory as a rather big scientific organisation connected by many scientific links and cooperation with main world physics centres and institutes (such as CERN for example). This fact gives to physicists good possibilities to use wide accepted, good tested special software for processing data aquisited from physical experiments, for simulation of experiments and theoretical tasks.
The other aspect of the computer politics is to keep the computer and network equipment always on the 'up-to-day' level, that forces regular upgrades of the technique.
These computers are located at two computer rooms in main Lab building and also distributed to buildings on Laboratory site of 1 x 1 km size. The following three tables show the lists of these computers and its working parameters.

Table1. Sun Stations & Servers (SUN OS & Solaris)
Name Type CPU Clock RAM HDD
MHz Mb Gb
nusun SparcServer 10/30 1 32 32 8
nusun2 SparcServer 10/512 2 50 128 13.2
nusun1 Ultra1 Model 140 1 143 64 2
nusun3 SparcStation 20/52 1 50 64 1.2
proton Ultra1 Model 140 1 143 64 2
hyperon SparcStation IPC 1 25 32 2

Table2. DEC Stations (Digital Unix & VMS)
Name Type CPU Clock RAM HDD
MHz Mb Gb
dxnu1 AlphaStation 500/333 1 333 128 6
dxnu2 AlphaStation 500/333 1 333 128 2
axnua DEC 3000/600 AXP 1 175 64 6
axnub DEC 3000/600 AXP 1 175 64 6.8
lnpvx2 MicroVax -3400 1 20 20 2.6

Table3. HP servers & stations (Netware & HP-UX)
Name Type CPU Clock RAM HDD
MHz Mb Gb
lnpnw1 HP NetServer 4d/66 1 66 48 1.6
nuhp1 HP Station 712/60 1 60 64 0.3