Network equipment at LNP JINR (May, 1997) The present local area network is presented on fig.1. It is based mainly on thick Ethernet backbone going along the buildings and fiber-optic cables connecting most remote phasotron accelerator building and the building of nuclear spectroscopy and radiochemistry.
At the Main laboratory building the Digital LAN Bridge 100 (1FO, 1AUI) links via fiber-optic the LAN of the Lab to the JINR network. The HP Switching Hub J3100A distributes network information to Repotec 10BaseT Hub (1BNC/AUI, 8UTP) and 3COM Hub 3C588 (1AUI, 5BNC). The first one connects to the LAN UNIX and VMS servers via 10 Mb/s t wisted pairs and to the LNP backbone. The second one forms four thin Ethernet segments coming to 54 PC and other computers of the Main Lab building. One of these segments is for Novell server which is a bridge between Novell segment and the Lab network.
With the help of two Digital DEREP (1FO, 1AUI) fiber-optic cable connects the backbone to the phasotron accelerator building. The network of the phasotron building is based on thick Ethernet.
At the building 3 the Hub (Fryazino) (1AUI, 4BNC) forms four thin Ethernet segments for 24 PC. The connection to the radiochemistry building is performed by fiber-optic cable coming to the Hirschman StarCoupler Hub (1FO, 2BNC) and Hub (4BNC) to link to the network 21 Pcs.
Buildings 4 and 113 network is used 3COM Hubs (3C588 1AUI, 4BNC) to form thin Ethernet segments for 30 and 37 PCs respectively.