Services at UNIX and VMS Clusters
Both clusters provide all traditional system services. More attention was devoted to the combined NIS/NIS+ service for the computers under SUN OS, Solaris and Digital UNIX. A lot of configuration files was adjusted to force computers of the cluster work together.

System services:

  • boot & initialisation of cluster computers,
  • audit, system activities logs & accounts,
  • cluster management (NIS, NIS+),
  • network management (DNS, routing),
  • security management,
  • OS and Software licenses management,
  • PC clients and X-terminals management,
  • network printers management,
  • disk volumes and tape devices management and back-up.

    Common user services (more than 500 users):

  • passwords, login, home directories and quotas management,
  • X11 Windows,
  • Graphical User Shells (SUN Open Look, CDE, FVWM2, FVWM95),
  • fonts service,
  • program development (C++, F77, libraries),
  • CERN software,
  • physics applications software,
  • GNU free software,
  • document publishing (editors, LATEX, Graphics, Postscript),
  • database software (mini-SQL).

    Net and Internet services:

  • NFS and PC software support,
  • Telnet
  • Xterm
  • Ftp
  • Mail (mail, pine, elm, xmail)
  • Finger
  • Talk
  • Time
  • Tftp
  • X-terminal support

    WWW server:

  • http://nuweb.jinr.ru
  • Over 2500 pages, totally about 300 Mb
  • 8000-10000 requests to LNP WWW server daily
  • 50-70 Mb/day transferred
  • Supports different Web services
  • SQL supported databases

    Users consulting and information:

  • Beginners and advanced users consulting, cluster news, seminars, reports.
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