Experiments in Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in 1994-1995


This book is a compilation of the short status reports on current experiments in which the physicists from the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of JINR participate.
The experiments are briefly described including a schematic layout of the apparatus, list of participants and institutions.
In this book the status of the experiments (preparation/data-taking, etc) corresponds to the situation at the beginning of 1994.
It should be borne in mind that the above information is provided by the leaders of experimental teams and is given under their responsibility.

LNP JINR Scientific Secretary

Experiments on Intermediate Energy Physics

Phasotron Programme

Experiments using external accelerators

Experiments on High Energy Physics

Experiments at CERN

Experiments at Serpukhov accelerator

Experiments at JINR synchrophasotron

Radiobiological researches

R&D and projects of new facilities

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